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MODELS - I am currently exploring two models of nascent RNA-mediated gene transcription regulation:

                                        • Argonaute-linked gene network formation based on precise RNAPII pausing
                                        • Transposable Element remnants in transcription control and evolution


Cryptic Promoters and Epigenetic Transcription Control: Battle of the Promoters

A brief intro to RNAPII nonprocessive transcription (the norm), bidirectional initiation (may be happening more than we think), and their potential role in:
• Transcription regulation of baseline mRNA levels
• Reversible Synthesis of mRNA-specific endo-siRNA

Endo-siRNA and Gene Adaptation:
Self-pseudogenes and Adapting to Bad Smells

There is evidence that odor mRNA-specific endo-siRNA becomes elevated during periods of scent adaptation in C elegans. Where does the increased odr-1 endo-siRNA come from?
• Promoter activation of antisense pseudogene in trans?
• Activation of antisense cryptic promoter in cis?

RNA & Evolution

Evolution Basics
b. Survival requires adaptation
c. How to combine stability and changeability?

If you would like to discuss these topics or their respective presentations, please contact me at adams@plessthan.com. I am passionate about exploring these topics with peers, and I am open to filming the discussion and hosting it on this site and the Nuclear RNA Networks YouTube channel.

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